We are a group of creative perfection driven event consultants that strive to provide exceptional service while demonstrating the ability to work within our client’s budget.  Our goal is to provide a memorable event so the attendees will experience the personality of our client’s taste.  The positive reference from our client base is on the forefront of every consultation and drives our mindset as we endeavor to demonstrate our creative abilities.  Our intent is to make an event “your own” while achieving a maximum return of your investment. 


G-Force Entertainment's Owner is Gabriel Aviles.  Raised in Florida, Gabriel grew up in a ministerial family and his playground was church.  There was always something going on in the church and Gabriel had to assist.  With weddings, community gatherings, and building rentals, the church became the venue where events happened.  This is where Gabriel learned so many of the technical aspects of event planning and execution.  After 2004, Gabriel directed many events in a 10,000 seat auditorium.  He served the United States Armed Forces for 14 years which only brought him to a higher level of excellence and attention to detail.  Gabriel has been sought after for years by venues, event planners, and concert promoters.